wardrobe: made by yours truly photography: Christopher Shawn Pike

wardrobe: made by yours truly
photography: Christopher Shawn Pike


From a small town boy to a city lad, Jan never ignored the richness of his background as tools to manifest his creativity. His interest in fashion started from comparing the different lifestyles he was exposed to. Originally from the Philippines, Jan moved in to Canada with his family and it made his love for fashion grow fonder and more lucid. This exposure to distinct lifestyles made him realize the importance of craftsmanship, global innovation, and and his own definition of beauty. His internship experience at Manuel Mendoza and Walk This Sway  even made him more interested in the real value of putting meaning to garments. Now, he hopes to be a designer who brings designs that narrates a story, invigorate our imagination and move our souls. Jan hopes to work someday in the tailoring industry, where quality and value of clothes are emphasized. He also hopes to be involve in the theatre and film industry. Here, for him, fabric and art are challengingly infused to an innovative level of functionality and purpose - to entertain and bring stories alive.


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